How do I maximize savings with GenZ?

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Our Charge Box stores and boosts energy to 320kW from a 110kW grid, so grid upgrades are not required or limited in scope, producing material cost savings and faster installations. In addition, our Charge Box charges vehicles and stores energy simultaneously; helping avoid peak demand charges. We ensure you will receive the benefit of all [...]

What industries do you service?

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We service all industries. However, our team´s deep experience in the automotive industry means that we can service even the most demanding clients, such as automotive dealers. Whether you need to service the latest EV models with advanced batteries capable of intaking energy at high-speeds or energize hi-volume EV fleets quickly for minimal business interruptions, our team is ready for you.

What is distinctive about GenZ´s system?

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Because of the state-of-the-art charging speed of up to 320kw that would allow clients to charge for a 100 mile range in under 10 minute. Because of best-in-class, buffered energy storage that outmaneuvers low power grids and avoids expensive and time-consuming infrastructure changes. Because of the 360-degree premium services that take you, with a single point of contact, from beginning to end of a project, plus visioning into future revenue-driving opportunities.

What is an ultra-fast battery-buffered charger?

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We offer tailor-made solutions, so costs vary by client. We study your needs and propose the most efficient solution with the longest term potential. To start, with GenZ you avoid costly and time-consuming grid expansion projects, because the technology delivers maximum energy even from grids with power as low as 30kW. The system is flexible with one charger and up to two dispensers that can create one compact charging station or two separate ones, up to 102 yards apart. The GenZ technology is also conceived with the future in mind, considering upcoming technologies from vehicle to grid.

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