What is an ultra-fast battery-buffered charger?2022-02-28T00:33:59+00:00

Ultra-fast battery buffering technology provides energy storage within the charger, which is used to boost or amplify the limited power available from the grid. This produces the required energy to meet each vehicle’s unique state-of-charge needs along the specific charging demand request at the time of charging. Our ChargeBox enables widespread, ultra-fast charging (up to 320 kW) on existing, power-limited grids without additional infrastructure power upgrades.

What is distinctive about GenZ´s system?2022-02-28T01:20:05+00:00

GenZ´s Charge Box with battery buffering delivers up to 320kW, even when connected to a limited-power grid. It also charges EVs and stores energy simultaneously, so more vehicles can be charged consecutively at the fastest approved rate.

How do I maximize savings with GenZ?2022-02-27T16:30:36+00:00

Our Charge Box stores and boosts energy to 320kW from a 110kW grid, so grid upgrades are not required or limited in scope, producing material cost savings and faster installations. In addition, our Charge Box charges vehicles and stores energy simultaneously; helping avoid peak demand charges. We ensure you will receive the benefit of all eligible subsidies and incentives.

Can my charging station project be financed?2022-02-27T16:40:19+00:00

Yes. Preferred access is available to 100% LTV lease financing, with no up-front costs and one, affordable monthly payment, including the equipment, installation and ongoing servicing.

Is your technology currently in use?2022-02-27T16:31:07+00:00

Yes. We source from Germany´s award-winning ADS-TEC Energy a technology extensively proven in Europe and deployed worldwide by a leading German automaker.

What industries do you service?2022-02-27T16:30:02+00:00

We service all industries. However, our team´s deep experience in the automotive industry means that we can tackle even the most challenging projects. Whether you need to service the latest EV models with high speed-of-charge demands or need to manage large EV fleets with minimal interruptions, our team is ready for you.

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