Founded by a team of entrepreneurs at the crossroads of sustainability, technology, and finance. Inspired by the generation that adopted EVs, it’s our mission to Power the Future of eMobility into ultra fast charging.

As electric mobility becomes the standard for sustainable and greener transportation, the number of EVs on US roads is increasing rapidly. A network of widely available fast chargers is a necessity with growing demand. And yet, less than 20% of charging ports in the US offer level 3 fast chargers, requiring EV owners to spend long periods of time at the charging station and slowing the rate of EV adoption.

Our solution integrates hardware by world energy leader ADS-TEC with installation requirements that accommodate existing infrastructure.

Above all, we are focused on integrating the world’s best technologies, services and investment solutions for companies and institutions navigating the electrification landscape.

Our one-of-a-kind technology is coupled with a full suite of premium, custom services, including up to 100 percent financing via Mitsubishi Capital. Along with Charge Infrastructure, we offer a complete platform of services spanning design, engineering, installation and after-sales revenue-driving solutions across industries.

Our Muse

Inspired by Generation Z’s commitment to technology and the environment, our team helps power the future of eMobility.

We share with the generation that triggered the inflection point for mass-adoption of EVs the core value of building today a sustainable, zero-emissions future.

We are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the transition into the era of electrification.

We aspire to a greener future where everywhere you go there’s a fast-charger offered by modern businesses that transformed themselves with smart facilities and services for an electrified automotive experience.

Our mission within the eMobility ecosystem is ambitious, but we will not stop there. Our sights are set on contributing to the broader environmental agenda, minimizing our carbon footprint and participating in community reforestation efforts.

Our Team





Bill Bieser
VP OEM/Automotive Partnerships


Every time we see a GenZ ultra-fast charger, we envision a forest.

Beyond minding the future by powering eMobility everywhere we want to protect our natural heritage, green landscapes that capture carbon and bring us joy. We are proud to share that 3% of our profit is invested in a massive reforestation effort in the U.S.

More to come soon…